November 20 - 21, 2021 | Kiggins Theatre | 1011 Main St., Vancouver, WA


Current Confirmed List of CooperCon 2021 Speakers

Darren Schaefer (Moderator) >>> The Cooper Vortex Podcast
Eric Ulis >>> From The Final Hunt for DB Cooper on the History Channel
Bill Mitchell >>> Passenger on Flight 305 who sat directly across aisle from DB Cooper
Brian Ingram >>> Found $5,800 of DB Cooper ransom on Tena Bar in 1980
Catherine Scott >>> Daughter of NWA305 Capt. Scott
Cliff Ammerman >>> Air Traffic Controller handling 305 and chase jets at the time DB Cooper jumped
Mary Jean Fryar >>> Retired FBI Special Agent
Tom Kaye >>> Scientist who has analyzed the FBI evidence
Marla Wynn Cooper >>> Niece of suspect LD Cooper
Anonymous >>> DB Cooper researcher and Army Data Analyst studying William J Smith
Dan Gryder >>> YouTube influencer and aviation expert
Bruce Smith >>> DB Cooper author
Mark Meltzer >>> Skydiver and parachute expert
Vern Jones >>> DB Cooper book publisher
Marty Andrade >>> DB Cooper author
Brett Eichenberger >>> Film and documentary producer
Nicholas Broughton >>> DB Cooper researcher
Ron and Pat Forman >>> DB Cooper authors


CooperCon 2021 Schedule

Saturday, November 20th
10:00A - 10:10A | Intro by Darren Schaefer
10:10A - 11:00A | DB Cooper Mystery Overview Discussion (Bruce Smith, Eric Ulis)
11:10A - 12:00P | Tom Kaye Cooper Money Diatom Presentation
12:00P - 12:30P | Break
12:30P - 1:15P | Did DB Cooper Survive Discussion (Marty Andrade, Mark Meltzer, Mary Jean Fryar)
1:25P - 2:10P | Bill Mitchell Conversation w/ Eric Ulis
2:20P - 3:05P | Suspects Discussion (Vern Jones, Nicholas Broughton, Ron Forman, Marty Andrade, Mark Meltzer, Marla Wynn Cooper, Anonymous)
3:15P - 4:00P | Catherine Scott Conversation w/ Eric Ulis

Sunday, November 21st
10:00A - 10:10A | Welcome by Darren Schaefer
10:10A - 11:00A | Other Pacific Northwest Legends: Bigfoot, Flying Saucers, Cow Mutilations (Brett Eichenberger, Bruce Smith)
11:10A - 12:00P | Conspiracy Theories Discussion (Bruce Smith, Marla Wynn Cooper, Nicholas Broughton)
12:00P - 12:30P | Break
12:30P - 1:15P | Flight Path Discussion (Eric Ulis, Cliff Ammerman, Marty Andrade)
1:25P - 2:10P | Brian Ingram Conversation w/ Tom Kaye
2:20P - 3:05P | Tena Bar and The Money Find (Eric Ulis, Tom Kaye, Mark Meltzer)
3:15P - 4:00P | DB Cooper on TV (Eric Ulis, Marla Wynn Cooper, Tom Kaye, Bruce Smith)

CooperCon 2021 Socials

In addition to the schedule above, there will be socials starting at 6P on:

Friday, November 19th, Von Ebert's Brewing, 14021 NE Gilsan St, Portland,OR, 503.878.8708
Saturday, November 20th, Victor 23 Craft Brewery, 2905 St Johns Blvd, Vancouver, WA, 360.984.5413
Sunday, November 21st, Von Ebert's Brewing, 14021 NE Gilsan St, Portland, OR, 503.878.8708

CooperCon 2021 Hotel Partner

Aloft Portland Airport at Cascade Station
9920 NE Cascades Pkwy, Portland, OR, 503.200.5678
Ask for the "CooperCon rate," which is $129 per night.


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